Google Drive Support

Ability to export to Google Drive (or whatever the service is changing to in 2018).

The Google suite of services (like Sheets with Google App Script) would allow a whole bunch of automation stuff to be done relatively easily by LW users. 

Allowing us to extend the usefulness of LW by making specific bits of automation for our business.

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Having just moved over to Gmail away from outlook I was disappointed to find that exporting to google drive was not an option as mentioned above there seems to be a lot more possibilities with regards automation for business using google apps and google drive.

Currently I'm running One Drive Google Drive and Dropbox and would love to be able to consolidate all these into one and google drive which is part of G Suite seems to fit the bill.

Google Drive Export is a must. DropBox is a pain

Google drive :) much better than dropbox

NO MORE DROPBOX GUYS... there are many many instances when the exported data is not synced with dropbox... enough of that software.. pls help us with google drive..


Yes, I would much prefer working with Google Drive instead of Dropbox.

This is a must have moving forward.

Yes Please Google Drive

Please add google drive. Dropbox feels like ancient software now.

Another for Google Drive - our business utilises Google Apps and all our files are stored in Google Drive. 

Having to remember to manually move the scheduled exports into Drive is just another one of those tasks which takes up brain space and wasted time.

Google Drive Please!

This is a must. Dropbox is more for personal use whereas the Google suite is designed for businesses. Linnworks using Google Suite themselves but do not offer this for there clients?

Is this coming?

Could anyone let us know if this is coming or at least you are considering it?

Crying out for Google Drive support over here!

We could do so many clever/useful automated processes using scheduled imports & exports using google drive and sheets, if only we could integrate! Please, PLEASE make this happen Linnworks! 

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