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We are receiving more and more telephone orders and need a way to complete them that is quick and easy. Ideally we would like to enter all the details on Linnworks new order page and then click a button which would take us to paypal which we use to complete card orders. If all the fields were automatically filled we could then directly add the credit card details and complete the sale quickly.

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I agree it would be nice to have some sort of Moto service by one of the bigger payment service providers like Sage, Stripe or PayPal.

I agree. We take quite a lot of orders over the phone and having the payment service provider built in will be great. Being also able to change Dispatch Date will be a major benefit of taking orders over the phone.

We need exactly this too - its a pain doing Multi Screen orders between linnworks and paypal - to have the actual virtual terminal in linnworks from paypal would be fantastic.

Hello Pete,

The PayPal Integration for available in the Linnworks App Store allows you to take payment for unpaid Linnworks direct orders quickly and easily.

Although this isn't integration isn't available as a button directly in the Linnworks new orders page, it's accessible as a separate tab once the app has been downloaded.

You can see how this works in a short video here.

Alternatively, you can also use the Warehouse Plus mobile app for Linnworks to complete payments from telephone orders quickly, as 

it now supports payment integration for PayPal and Stripe.

For any questions or queries, you are welcome to contact me.


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Hi there,

Hopefully a 'One Page Checkout' solution would be available as this would save a lot of time.


Great Idea!  yes please!

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