Trigger channel tasks Queued 11 Oct 2017 11:43


I am getting an issue at the moment with the sync with Linnworks/Magento all it says is that it is stuck on "Trigger channel tasks

Queued 11 Oct 2017 11:43" even though it is now 12:22?

Is there maybe a setting I can change to manually sync the orders?

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Jamie, we are in the same boat.

There does seem to be system-wide issues with sync delays yesterday (11th Oct) on some channels, we certainly felt it. On the new highly scalable highly reliable load balanced cloud aware Magento SOAP channel connector there appears to be no way to trigger a manual sync as we learnt in frustration yesterday.


We're waiting on a reply from the good folks behind the 24/7 full-support desk.. to the ticket we submitted yesterday.

Hello Jamie,

The Trigger channel tasks is not the task that is responsible for your Magento orders sync. The one you need is called "Magento Order Sync" and as far as I can see it was running for you steadily for about each 15 minutes. There were a few errors yesterday on a couple of syncs to your magento where we couldn't connect as the server did not respond to us, but the following sync was successful. 


You seem to have a slightly different issue. We will get back to you within the ticket. 

Best Regards,


Hi Kirill

I noticed that "Magento orders sync" came up after about 15 mins and everything started to work again so far I have not had an issue again so everything is good so far.

I am not too sure what the issue was but it has been fixed now which is good but I can only guess that it was something to do with the Sync side of things that was causing issues.

Whatever you have done it has worked now so Thank You for the fix.

Kind regards


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