Batch Tracking: Not specifiying Unit Cost at point of booking in


Our processes mean that once stock arrives it is booked straight in. However the warehouse staff don't have access to pricing, and often we don't know the fully landed unit cost until our UK carrier has delivered and invoiced us, so it would be really helpful if the Unit Cost per batch was optional, and you could retrospectively enter the cost per unit (and it would calculate the current stock value of whatever is left)

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Hi there

Did anything happen with this request?


Harry M

If you are booking an item from a Purchase Order, the stock value that will be added is being taken from Purchase Order item. What you have entered in Purchase Price in Stock In is being disregarded. I accept the UI of this screen leaves much to be desired and its very high on our list of things to be redesigned and improved urgently. 

If you are booking stock in without a PO then whatever is entered in the Purchase Price will be taken. We should in theory work out the stock value if you are adding stock to an existing batch. This is something we will definitely address in the redesign. In the meantime I will see if I can log it as a bug and get this addressed prior to redesign. 


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