Automatically remove batches with 0 stock

Currently when a batch location runs out of stock it remains visible on the product which isn't too helpful for us. We have hundreds of locations and we randomly scan products to the location that is currently available. Similar to how Amazon organizes its warehouses. 

Having a record of every location that has been used in the past but ran out of stock could really clutter up the whole thing and make it hard to find where we actually have stock in our warehouse.

It's especially bad since currently the only way to clear batches is to manually delete them, it isn't possible to clear them via a .csv import. The best would be if batches with 0 stock would get automatically removed, but having an import for this would help too.

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Yes, if batches with 0 stock would disappear that would be good, but if the batch info could hang around somewhere until some point (after sell by has expired for example) as sometimes we get more stock of the same batch, and its convenient if the batch info has been remembered by LW. 

The ability to set an option as to whether it disappears or not would be preferable.

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