Stop Linnworks uploading tracking to ebay

As per the title, due to Royal Mail we're likely to lose our Top Rated badge on ebay, our dashboard shows that every 'mark' against us is "tracking shows late delivery" from a royal mail delivery, is there any way to stop linnworks from uploading Royal Mail tracking to ebay?

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Thank you for contacting Linnworks Technical Support.

The only way to stop Linnworks uploading the tracking details on eBay orders is to turn off the "Despatch Note" option in the Settings > channel integration > eBay "Edit channel details" config.

The issue is that if you turn this option off then Linnworks will no longer update order status to shipped when they are processed in Linnworks. You will then need to mark the orders as shipping manually. 

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Technical Support

You can do it the above way (which is the way we do it), which means that 2D barcodes and tracking are retained by Linnworks and can be accessed by the likes of ReplyManager. Downside is you have to manually process on eBay. Alternatively you can turn off the 2D barcodes by going to Shipping Management - Configure - Services - Edit, and there should be a tick box with 2D tracking number. Untick this and Linnworks will not populate the tracking number box with the 2D barcode number. If you then want to find a 2D number I believe you can find it under filed manifests.

Hope that helps.

We've had the same problem with ebay showing late delivery but the problem is actually with Ebay and not linnworks.

The problem is that with the 2D barcodes ebay class the first scan of the barcode as the despatch but with services that use the 2D barcode like, 48 Larger letters, 48 parcel etc. that barcode only really kicks in once the parcel has been delivered as it's a delivery confirmation code not a tracking number.

With services that use the non 2D barcodes like Tracked 24 & Tracked 48 their barcodes kick in as soon as the label has been printed.

We've been having huge arguments with Ebay saying that the 2D barcodes should count as the despatch as soon as the barcode is passed over to ebay from linnworks as you can't print the label for despatch until all the item have been scanned in for despatch.

Only soloution is that when we see our late despatch metric go up we get on the phone to them and have the same discussion each time and they remove them.


We have had this problem for almost a year. Linnworks is very unhelpful and can only offer the two options: 

One - If you want to have a record of the barcodes then you have to turn off the dispatch note and manually mark orders on eBay which is major problem when you have 100s of orders. We have had no choice but to do this for the past year. 

Two - If you don't want want the barcode numbers, then you can deactivate it and it won't go to channels. This is where Linnworks keeps telling us that you can still view the barcodes for 30 days or so under the manifest section. However, we have informed them on many occasions that this section of the system is very buggy and it is impossible to view the numbers. There are many problems with manifest section which we have raised under tickets #1133099 and #1135981. 

We have had these tickets open from more than 8 months ago. The extremely rude and unpleasant linnworks staff keep telling us, this part of the system is not being fixed as its not priority and other users are not interested in it. That is the worst excuse, if you bought a car and something didn't work, you'd expect the manufacturer to fix/ replace it irrespective of how many customers use that part. Why do they release buggy sections and completely forget about for years! 

We were also told that they are working on options of storing the barcode under another category other than 'Tracking' so the data is saved even if you disable it from config. 

There is at least 4 users that have this same problem, so do tell us, how many more months do i have to wait for you to either offer additional option for retaining the barcodes or fix the manifest section so we can save the barcodes manually from there? 


Reference attached files, 

Image 1, Shows 7 pages but there is only one. Tracking column width cannot be adjusted so you don't see the full number!!!!

Image 2, if you download the data as pdf (only option offered), the barcode numbers don't appear!

Hello Navid, 

Thank you for bringing these points again to our attention. We understand the importance of this functionality for your business.

From the opened development card I can see that the fix process is going on. It is not that fast as it could be ideally but we still have those fixes on the agenda.

Please feel free to contact us in the related open tickets, we will be always glad to update you how the process is going on.

At the moment I am sorry for the caused inconveniences and Thank you for the patience and understanding.

Wish you have a nice day!

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Technical Support

Hello Navid,

Sorry to hear about your bad experiences!

Just a quick workaround, let me know if this is helpful for you - you can disable the 2D 'tracking' number from appearing in the tracking number field on an order by disabling it on the services. This can be achieved by going to Shipping - Integrations - Services - Edit and unticking '2D Tracking Number'. As per our documentation, the 2D barcode won't appear on the order, however is retained on the manifest

You can find 2D barcodes on manifests by clicking the 'View' button on a consignment, and looking on the DataMatrixEyeReadable row. You'll see the same number is contained with DataMatrixData as well, but without the spaces and dashes, although those are filtered out anyway if you check the barcode on Royal Mail's services.


Thank you for your reply on my thread I started, didn't see this thread.

Whilst neither of the workarounds are suitable for normal online businesses I have turned off the 2D numbers so they are only in the manifest. 

You can still obtain the tracking numbers from individual orders within the manifest by selecting (double click) the tracking number(s) field you want and copying it (Cntl-C) this copies the entire number even through Linnworks couldn't manage to display the entire field.[image attached refers] (I use Chrome browser if this has an affect on getting the number) 

This helps for individual enquires however not for large scale retrieval of the numbers. To date I've not had to worry about the tracking numbers disappearing after 30 days as most complaints have occurred before then.

We lost our top rated status on eBay last month due to this issue and had to spend time with eBay Seller Support to get it back and the way the stats work (3 month rolling) I will have to do this again this month.

I think the solution is to provide the tracking code to eBay when the manifest is filed as this is how the tracking numbers works for both Royal Mail and eBay. I struggle to see how this tracking is different to RM tracked in this manner and would resolve the issue correctly. I suspect however Linnworks will choose their own fix.


Phil Rendell.


The problem is also with Royal Mail, if they don't scan an item etc.
If you call Royal Mail they will change the barcode tag and send that to Ebay or you can call Ebay and they will change it.
Linnworks won't be able to correct this part of the problem it's down to the postman!


Is there any update for the issue?  We are also having this problem and wish to stop sending the Tracking details to marketplaces channels.


We have had the same issue in the last week.

It is an issue with eBay and not linnworks

eBay have put a marker on our account to keep our badge.

eBay are currently working on a workaround to fix the issue

The issue is with ebay not linnworks, as they are counting the delivery scan as the despatch scan there is only one scan as its scanned on delivery. Not one ebay agent I have spoken to will accept this to be true. A fix would be for a button to block the tracking numbers to be sent to ebay, but looking like people requested this a year ago, is it going to happen?

Any updates from Ebay about this? I just spoke with customer support about the issue. What they said was that most of my late deliveries have missed by just 1 day, so I i increase my dispatch time from 0 days to 1 day, it should basically resolve the issue. Could work but it depends on the estimated delivery date and whether that will still be 3 days or under if I do this.


In order to keep the tracking numbers in linnworks and not send it over to eBay. 

We just disabled the 'mark as dispatch' option in the channel integration. At the end of the day, we then download the dispatched orders and with a bit of excel macro magic, we get a export file for eBay to mark order as dispatched on eBay. 

Have been doing that for past 2 years no thanks to linnworks, at some point you give up asking. 

On the bright side, we now get to pay them much more $$$ for the same broken software.

Due to this issue our account lost a top rated seller status..And that was the worst thing ever happened...Forget about the sales...Your competitors are so happy to see you are not Out there. The terrible part Ebay will Never bring your account to top rated seller status for 3 months,as this is their Rating selling cycle. Believe me i Called them 47 Times and it was such a bad experience. All our listings were busted sales dropped to almost nothing... Linnworks as usual Never told us How important was to disable this function.

We have disabled this from Despatch Note from last 3 years... But this brings another problem as the tracking are not uploded, if a buyer opens a case or leaves a negative feedback and you speak to ebay to remove the Negative feedback, even if you provided a tracking number to ebay they still dont trust you as the tracking numbers was not uploaded to the order. They think we just made it up and are trying to be smart.

Very much terrible experience on this one... Guys i would strongly suggest you to keep very close eyes on the following 2 things to avoid this.

1: Make sure Before you Leave the office / warehouse check " awaiting dispatch orders" On Ebay, if there is any left dispatch it manually.

2: You must watch " Seller Status" once a week, if you score is above 2 give a call to ebay to remove some late delivery dispatch order, it takes 72 hours to be taken off. Dont leave it for the end of the month.

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