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what is the best and most accurate way to get the total value of stock on hand each month so I can create a manual journal in my accounting system? 


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Stock Valuation depends on how you have added the stock purchase price for each sku. Please see this link where you can learn how Linnworks calculate Stock Value.

If you have done this correctly then, You can use > Dashboards > Inventory Dashboard. This dashboard shows an overview of the stock levels and value on a per-location basis. It can be further broken down by stock item category.

Please feel free to ask any further questions.


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We have received  an email from you with the following:

That was very helpful, thank you. 

I have another problem. How do i change the default shipping for all orders that pass through linnworks to shopify with a DPD service with the UK link? All orders are going into shopify as DHL with a USA website so its not working. Shopify support said the issue is where the order is going into shopify, so that must be linnworks.

If you are saying that your Shopify orders do not get the correct postage assigned when imported into Linnworks from Shopify, then please note that you do not have any postal services mapped within Shopify channel shipping mapping screen. You will  need to make sure  you map the channel shipping services to the correct Linnworks postal service methods. Please refer to this article here:

You can also use Rules Engine to change the shipping services from one to another:

However, I cannot see any shipping integrations set up on your account apart from Generic Shipping so not sure how you wish to use DPD services without having it integrated in the system. May we please some order ID examples where the issue  with shipping is present so we could have a better understanding what you are willing to achieve? At the same time, please clarify what  you mean by sending orders with  UK link?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Ilja Lissov

Tech Support

Hi Ilja,

The specific order where the customer told be the tracking did not work was 100122 - however i doubt any of the tracking would work with orders from Shopify. I just want to know how to set it up so the correct info feeds into Shopify.

So orders come into shopify > Linnworks > Mintsoft  (order is picked, packed and entered into Mintsoft) > Linnworks > Shopify. 

All the post rates are loaded into Mintsoft. Shopify as default is set to DHL- USA. So the tracking number from Mintsoft is sent to Shopify but it when the customers clicks on track my item, it goes to the DHL USA website. 

Shopify said that Shopify will use whatever link is being sent to shopify, but I dont know how to get that information into Linnworks so it will then send that to shopify. The tracking number is being sent, its just Shopify is sticking to default. Your answers above may fix the issue, i'll look into it this week and see if it fixes it. 


Hi Ilja,

I have created a new postal service but still cant figure out how to enter a URL to DPD website instead of DHL. If you look at the bottom left of the screen shot you will see the link. I want to change that to DPD in the UK. Then i assume everything else will work. 



Please  be informed that DPD  is not  a  supported Courier on Shopify. At the same time, your Shopify Order Sync is still using the old sync module which  is not fully capable of transferring the correct Shipping Information to the channel. I would suggest raising a support ticket to  request your Shopify Order Sync to be migrated. 

However, this will not fix the URL issue.

It appears that at the moment, if the courier is not one of these Shopify will randomly generate the tracking url:



Amazon Logistics UK

Amazon Logistics US

Australia Post


Canada Post

China Post


DHL Express

DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce Asia





FedEx UK



Japan Post

New Zealand Post



Royal Mail

Sagawa (EN)

Sagawa (JA)


TNT Post



Yamato (EN)

Yamato (JA) 

Please find an image attached where Shopify explains how this works.

We had previously created a development card, that will allow Linnworks to submit the tracking URL to the channel together with the vendor name even if the courier is not supported. However, this  is still in development.


Kind Regards,

Ilja Lissov

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