Creating live eBay listings via import

I can import all the relevant data for eBay such as titles, pricing, extended properties, images etc. Basically everything required for the listing.

However once the data is in the system it appears you have to manually select a configurator and push the listings up to eBay from the GUI console.

Is it possible to do this via an import so you can set the required configurators, run an import and this will then push the listings live without any interaction with the system GUI? This is quite feasible via other selling tools I have used where no contact with the GUI is required to list.

Apologies in advance if this is an old question.





Thank you for contacting Linnworks Technical Support.


It is not possible to list new items via the Import on Linnworks. There is a reason for this and as all the listings are different, a lot of errors or issues could arise while listing. To avoid this, it is better if the products listing is done via the GUI and these issue can be resolved quickly.

You can still raise this as a feature request and it might be taken by our management.

Please feel free to ask any further questions.


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Technical Support

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