A way to log who packed an order

In our warehouses, we currently have a situation where we have multiple pickers who pick the items, and we print off two invoices, one for the customer, and one for the picker to sign and retain for reference, so if there is any issues with the dispatch, we know who picked the item.

We would really like functionality so whereby it can be logged who picked an order, I'm thinking potentially this could be a barcode which contains the pickers ID, which will be required before, during or after the dispatch console process. This would extremely beneficial as it would save us paper, toner, and time when we do have to sort through piles of orders to ascertain who picked the order. In addition, the data collected would also have the benefit of being able to monitor and report on staff productivity, good and bad, highlight issues and target staff training and development more effectively.

I have been in touch with Linnworks regarding this, but the solutions were not really solutions and not suitable. We even viewed this as something potentially worth paying a reasonable sum of money to have built-in as it would save us money down the line, but it seems this isn't an option. So I'm just seeing if anyone else would be interested in a function like this, and whether the devs at Linn would be able to implement it.


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Hello Chris,

We have this log functionality in our Warehouse Plus mobile app for Linnworks in the reporting module.

This module is currently available only upon request and we will be happy to provide a demo showing how it works.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.



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