Email notifications not sending

I get the message "no matching templates found" when trying to send an order confirmation email, however the template is set up (ebay template), In fact if I double click on the email it shows the template fully populated with information and ready to send. if I press "send selected" then I just get a red cross next to the line. Any ideas? I've been all through the setup documentation for this and everything looks correct. The email account is set up and a test email sends and reports "looks ok". Thanks Charles


Thank you for contacting Linnworks Technical Support.

I looked in your dispatch notification email settings and they look fine except Source='EBAY0'. EBAY0 is a subsource not a Source. I have disabled that template for now as it will not apply to any order.

Can you please try to disable the default template and then process a new order and check if it will work fine or not.

You can also try settings up the email notifications in which is much more advance and you do not need to click on Send Selected all the time.

Please feel free to ask any further questions.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Good afternoon, i've no idea why this fixed it but it now works fine! I've disabled the default template and processed a new order and the email went out without an error.

Many thanks for the solution


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