Variation listings to Magento Configurable product. Too many images

I have a variation listing with 7 child SKUS.

I would like these to list on Magento as a configurable product.

At the moment when I try to list this, the configurable product contains ALL the images from the 7 child SKUS. 5 images each

I want the main configurable product to have its own set of images chosen by me rather than all the other images.

What do I need to set for this to happen.



Child SKU images are submitted to Parent SKU on Magento by default. In order to apply images to your variation child items, what you need to do is go to the Magento configurators screen, open the 'Variations' tab and tick 'Upload images for child items', then save the settings, save the Configurators screen once again and re-create the Magento listing via this configurator. This will then submit the images to the child SKUs accordingly. Please note that it simply changes the way images are submitted from Linnworks to your Magento back end (either image will be stored within child SKU or parent SKU) and does not impact how images are displayed on front end. 

Alternatively you can enable only "Use main item images only" in the Magento configurators screen,  the 'Variations' tab to send only variation parent images onto Magento and not the child item images.

Best regards,

Alsja Tsernoseva

Tech Support

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