Amazon Configurators out of date


We're are a clothing retailer finding it quite hard to get full use of linnworks integration with amazon due to the out of date configurators that we're asked to use. Couple of features listed below that I think could do with some attention. 

Amazon configurator's categories and sub categories

- These are very old and out of date for our fashion sector. All configurators are missing key categories such as Jumpsuits & Playsuits and some for sites such as don't feature any clothing categories what so ever even though has a large and vast range of clothing categories. configurator site doesn't exist

- It's a huge marketplace and a great opportunity for us UK seller to offer customers some British branded clothing however linnworks doesn't have the .jp site available at all. Currently uploading our stock manually using amazon's 'add a product' process which is very time consuming. 

Any help with refreshing or updating this key integration link would be appreciated. 


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