best way to handle existing ebay / amazon listings to maximise linnworks functionality

Could somebody point me in the right direction here?

At the moment we're using linnworks solely for inventory control and order fulfilment but we'd like to be able to push listings out to other marketplaces. At the moment we only have SKU, item title and inventory for many items.

Is there any easy way to import additional information from ebay/amazon (descriptions in the various languages, images, extended properties) 

And then how do we get linnworks to take control of the ebay/amazon listings without losing the ranking we've built for each listing on each platform

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Thank you for contacting Linnworks Technical Support.


To import additional details for eBay account you can use the Extract Inventory tool

For Amazon you would need to export all the information from Amazon in a CSV file and then import into Linnworks using the Settings > Import data > Import type: Inventory import

You can take control of you eBay listing by creating listing templates using the Linnlive eBay mapping feature. You cannot take control of your Amazon listings which were listed on Amazon. You can still create new listings on Amazon and update those listing through Linnworks.

Please feel free to ask any further questions.


Kind regards,


Technical Support

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