problem pulling in telephone numbers from ebay

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this but I'm seeing problems pulling in telephone numbers from ebay (often German orders, if not always, I forget), the number shows up as "Invalid Request" in my Linnworks order and I can't process the order without copying and pasting the number from ebay.

I have a screen capture showing the open order address and address in ebay I can forward to someone if that helps

Hi Craig,

I need to check this myself properly tomorrow but I wonder if this has something to do with eBay's new crackdown on contacting sellers outside of eBay.

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Good morning,

This is quite a common case with the eBay DE site, as for the Germany site, the ShippingAddres.Phone value of the API call response is always returned as 'Invalid Request' if the buyer is registered on the German site.

To override this behavior, the 'Require phone number for shipping' option will need to be enabled in the seller's eBay account. This option is found in the My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Shipping Preferences part of the eBay backend.

For all other eBay sites, this option is used only to force the buyer to enter a phone number during checkout, however for the DE site, this option is also responsible for returning the buyer's phone number during the API call, which is made by Linnworks, as well.

The information has been taken from the following eBay Knowledge Base article:

Thanks for the suggestions Aleksandr, I've been into the settings and "require phone number for shipping" is already selected.

Any other suggestions? Still getting the problem

would the paypal integration help? don't have that installed at the moment

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