Change Price On Channel Automatically Depending On Settings

Would like to automatically change channel pricing based on % on top of product base price when product price changes.

We list prices in linnworks excluding VAT

Magento is Excluding Vat so Base Price + 0%

Ebay is Base Price + 20% (Vat)

Amazon is base price + 25% (Vat and recoup some fees etc.)

when updating a couple of products its a real pain in the butt and takes ages to go into listing descriptions and change them - get the calculator out and work it all out - would be so much easier if linnworks did this all automatically.

I understand it doesn't work for everyone but a simple setting in the integration screen to + or - a percentage on listed prices would be easiest. (and a tick box to automatically work out and update channel pricing from product base price)

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Yes this would be a great time saving option and the way you suggested with the tick box would work for us to!

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