Change Price On Channel Automatically Depending On Settings

Would like to automatically change channel pricing based on % on top of product base price when product price changes.

We list prices in linnworks excluding VAT

Magento is Excluding Vat so Base Price + 0%

Ebay is Base Price + 20% (Vat)

Amazon is base price + 25% (Vat and recoup some fees etc.)

when updating a couple of products its a real pain in the butt and takes ages to go into listing descriptions and change them - get the calculator out and work it all out - would be so much easier if linnworks did this all automatically.

I understand it doesn't work for everyone but a simple setting in the integration screen to + or - a percentage on listed prices would be easiest. (and a tick box to automatically work out and update channel pricing from product base price)

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Yes this would be a great time saving option and the way you suggested with the tick box would work for us to!

Yes we have to change prices regularly now when stock is booked in and the buying price goes up.

We then manually have to adjust the retail price on each channel which takes so much time

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