Selecting certain orders for batch process

Hi, I'm very happy so far with Linnworks and the functions it offers. However, My business works on printing personalised orders where a customer sends an image and I print onto various products.


The majority of the time, all is fine to process when I've finished the product, but sometimes a customer doesn't send their artwork until later, this means that I cannot do a batch process as it will process orders that I've not yet fulfilled.

Is there an option where I can highlight only the orders I want to process and leave the others in Linnworks?

Currently I have to hold ctrl and click the orders I want to dispatch. This takes time and occasionally I miss the ctrl key and it de-selects all orders so I have to start again.

I hope you can help with this.



Hi, unfortunately, none of that helps me...

Here's an example:

I currently have 30 open orders, I want to select the ones that are ready to dispatch and leave the others as 'open orders' until ready.

How can I do this? I've looked at each of your links and none of them seem to explain what I require...


Also, I see the idea behind 'parked orders' which is probably the closest thing to what I need, however, I cannot see or figure out how to actually park an order!...


To park any order, right-click on it and follow to Action > Bulk Change > Change Status > Park Order. 

Thank you

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