Ebay report it sync successfully, but it has only downloaded the most order?

as above, pressed sync this morning as normal, only 1 of the 111 orders has downloaded and it's the most recent one. I've got staff coming in within 30 mins to pick orders that I've got no labels for. any ideas please? is there an issue with ebay at the moment?

Hello there,

Please try to change the Last Order sync date in Channel Integration -> Config screen for that eBay channel. Please set that date to be prior the date when the oldest missing order was made on that channel -> save the changes and try to sync again. If you still do not get the orders in - please let me know some reference numbers and customer names I could check from my end for these orders.

The missing ordering miraculously appeared. i pressed the "unlock sync" button in application settings, but only because i'd logged into the website and it prompted me to do so. very strange, i've breathed a sigh of relief. what a nightmare on a monday morning!

thanks for the response

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