Printing Royal Mail 2D barcode labels in landscape

 Hi all

After the development of the 2D barcode we changed our workflow to separate invoices and shipping labels (we previously used an integrated label to print an invoice with shipping label together). We purchased a thermal printer to then print the shipping labels on to 6 x 4 labels.

We are currently in the processing of re-designing our postal packaging (in line with a wider brand update). We would love to be able to change the 6 x 4 label but as I understand it from the support team this is very much unchangeable.

We could however accommodate the 6 x 4 label if we were able to print in a landscape format rather than portrait (I won't go into the details of the packaging design why this is so!). My last conversation with the support team it was highlighted that it is possible to create a landscape shipping label by creating an invoice template and then embedding a shipping landscape. When you do this however it is possible to choose whether the label is portrait or landscape.

It seems therefore it is possible to produce a landscape RM shipping label with a 2D barcode but we'd have to revert to using integrated labels again. As we've changed our workflow and invested in a thermal printer just 9 months ago we're keen to try and avoid this.

The functionality seems to be within LW to create a landscape shipping label. Does anyone know if there is any way / option / workflow that would allow us to print the landscape shipping label via our thermal printer?

I did think it might be achievable by creating a custom sized invoice for the shipping label but it seemed a bit counter-intuitive (and wasn't then sure if we'd be able to print our normal A4 invoices that are included within each order).

Any thought would be most welcome!!

Hi all

Just a quick follow-up. I've tried creating an invoice with just the shipping label variable inputted and defining the page size to a 6 x 4. I've then ticked the 'landscape' option within the shipping label.

When printing a Royal Mail label however (with 2D barcode) it still defaults to a portrait label. Do I take this to mean that Royal Mail are unable to create a landscape label with the 2D barcode?



I've just tested it with our office printer setting paper orientation to 'Landscape' in 'Printing Preferences'. The label is printing horizontally, so this should work for you as well. 

Note, that Linnworks is only set up to print 'portrait designed' labels, so changing paper orientation to landscape - you will get the same portrait label rotated 90°.

Hi Olga - thanks for the reply. I had tried that approach with our thermal printer (trying to force it to print the label landscape) but it won't have it. I think in any case it would cut off some required information by Royal Mail.

What we're really looking for is a landscape form of the 6 x 4 label. Can I just confirm - is this something that's not available because Royal Mail don't support it or just something that's not been integrated into Linnworks?



Here's what I've found in Royal Mails technical spec:

Royal Mail have standardised the label sizes for all account services. All Account services

should now use a 6” x 4” label. Royal Mail’s preference for label orientation is that customer

designs are developed in a portrait format.

As far as I am aware we are not planning to implement any additional label designs, as the new designs are taking quite some time to get approved by Royal Mail.

Hi Olga

Thanks for confirming. I might reach our Royal Mail account manager to see what they suggest. Thanks for your assistance!




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