Show «Price by channel» in a columns

Now I can't see prices from ebay and amazon in «my inventory» screen like a column. So if I want to change a price from ebay I must open each item and change this in a «Listings Descriptions» tab.

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Just found the exact same irritating problem, no way to quickly check what price a product is set to on each channel.

What makes it worse is the retail price that is shown in the column view is completely pointless/irrelevant/wrong if there is a channel price set!

Hello, please add this.

What about this one?

Hi Linnworks, i was about to post about this very issue and see this thread already exists - why is no one responding?

This is a very frustrating issue.

Basically, if we have new inventory arrive from our wholesalers and go into Linnworks to add the stock, we have no idea if we are adding that stock to a channel listing that is currently on a discounted price.

So, we have a product with a £2 RRP, which we had discounted to £1 to get rid of it. New stock arrives, that we paid £1.40 for, yet we are adding that stock back onto a listing that is selling for £1, making a gross 40p loss per product.

This needs looked at ASAP. If we could see in Inventory the Retail Price, plus the Price by Channel we could instantly spot where we have listings at reduced prices that need amending.

Hello. Please add this ASAP.


Hello guys.

Any updates?

Hello! Sorry for the delay in reply.

It is not possible to add the Prices By channel into your Inventory view I'm afraid. This can only be seen when you click on the item(edit) > Listing Descriptions.

The only suitable query for this within the Dashboards-  Query Data will be "Channel Mappings by category, source, item".

Thank you for understanding.

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Isn't it be possible to create a brand new type of view that shows just the prices of each channel in?

SKU / Title / Bar-code / eBay / Amazon / Magento and so on.


I am afraid there is no such View option.

But you can raise a Feature Request as a new topic to consider adding this in the future.

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This is a really great and super helpful feature request, please make this happen Linnworks! 

Constantly finding we need this feature to keep on top of 1000s of live product. Not to mention it would be amazing to quickly see what channel price a customer can see when speaking on the phone. Surely its data that is already readily available to pull into a view screen? 

The suggestions to click into each product to see the channel price is ridiculous when dealing with more than a handful of products. Similarly, downloading a CSV of data then re-importing it is just as tedious for simply wanting a quick 'eyeball' of pricing on several products, I want to use Linnworks not excel or google sheets! 

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