Royal Mail Post Code Sort

We are currently in the process of sorting our mail into around 8 different post code zones

For large sellers who send out a bulk of items everyday this is a way to increase savings and make more profit, or even pass the savings onto customers and become more competitive

However the current manual solution is to print a bulk of shipping labels lets say for e.g 500, then once those items are packed, someone has to come along and look at each shipping label and look at the post code and then put it inside the correct mailing sack. We have the sacks inside each special container with the post code letters displayed in front so the person knows which post code will go into which container

However imagine doings this for 1000+ orders a day

This can be very time consuming and also prone to many errors

A simple solution would be to pre program into the system which postcodes belong to which regions so say for e.g Post Codes starting with CV belong in Container "1"

Then anytime a Royal Mail shipping label is printed with a CV postcode, then at the bottom somewhere for a "1" to be displayed so the person can simply look at the number and insert into their matching containers

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