order not processing

I have an order (102270) that has not been processed for some reason. It remains in <Ready to Process> and I don't know why.

Thank you.

Hello there,

So you have used the Process Order option on this order but it did not get moved to the Processed Orders screen? If you try to process it again - what would happen? Or it should have been processed by some other action?


The same problem has recurred. I'm afraid that I was not clear in my earlier query. I have an order from my woocommerce site (102334). It should be automatically processed and fulfilled by my Amazon Store. I have inventory - this inventory appears in Linnworks Inventory (8H-B9IM-13FL)  However, in Linnworks Ready to Process tab, it shows [Available -1]

So, I am confused and don't understand why this order (and others with different skus) do not get processed properly sometimes.

Thank you.

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