Retrieve the courier name for orders moved to Amazon FBA Fulfilment Centre

At the moment, if an order is moved to Amazon FBA Fulfilment Centre, then when this order is shipped by Amazon Linnworks retrieves the tracking number from Amazon but NOT the courier name. Linnworks updates the tracking number in the original order channel but sets the courier name as "DEFAULT", instead of the real courier name (which only becomes known when Amazon FBA dispatches the order).

This is a very easy fix which will take one of your developers 10 min - surely they will be able to fix this while drinking a cup of coffee. Because Linnworks uses a report from Amazon called "Amazon Fulfilled Shipments", this report contains a column called "carrier" with the name of the courier (AR column in when the report is viewed in Excel), next to the column "tracking number" (AQ column in Excel). So Linnworks can easily retrieve the courier name for all orders moved to Amazon FBA Fulfilment Centre from "Amazon Fulfilled Shipments" report.

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I absolutely agree. This is a super valuable and important information and now mandatory to link FBA and eBay!

eBay recently changed the way they are measuring performance and added a "Uploaded on time but no carrier scan" metrics.

Now we are running into the exact problem that linnworks provide the default carrier name, ebay cant identify the carrier and gives us a negative performance rating.

I can fix this if I go in and manually change the carrier of the order but then the performance metrics for "Late Update" rates negatively against us again.




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