Dispatch Console on .net to have sound to confirm scan of order

In desktop the system helpfully beeps when an item is scanned in the dispatch console and is then processed.  It happens in desktop but not .net. We would find it very useful to have this audible cue to confirm an item has scanned successfully, rather than having to look up each time when scanning several 100 items.  

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from a browser it is not possible for the system to access the system files on your Pc, which is why this method has not been implemented

However, we do see that it can be a useful to have an audible acknowledgement played and will look into the possibilities

I have added the requirement to our backlog of functions to investigate, but please be aware that if implemented you will need speakers attached to your Pc.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Impossible to move across to .net without this, for shipping. The result is too much time and error. Another failing sadly to .net we are being forced over too :-(

Also you can now scan items that are not on the order and you have no idea unless you scroll through all the items to be shipped - Easier to just tick off the invoice but this is a backwards step from LW Desktop. A simple error message would help!

This really needs work as the function is unworkable with out these features. If it can't be audible it would be visual - as on the Desktop where it simple added the barcode to the barcode line!

This is incredibly crucial. The only reason we are using desktop in the warehouse is to use the dispatch console to scan out orders.

Adding a success and failure sound to .NET would allow us to use .NET to scan out orders and able to then use the .NET notification settings.

When scanning out hundreds to thousands of orders this little sound makes it much more efficient, it's just not possible on .NET at the moment with huge volumes.

I see this request was made 3 years ago, I wonder if we have any update on it please?

Thank you

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