Stock Level in Rules Engine

I would like the rules engine to have stock level available. This would be useful so that rules could be implemented based on stock levels of SKU's. For instance you may want to determine if stock is available in your default location and if not move the order to a location where there is stock available in order to dropship or place a purchase order. 

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Surely other users would find this feature useful. We have setup our rules engine to move our orders into fulfillment centre locations to then have the system automate dropship emails. This all works perfectly except when you have stock in your own warehouse for example and want to use this stock first. 

I'm sure having stock levels in the rules engine would enable users to do many other tasks specific to themselves. Show some love for this request so we can get the developers to implement it

Is there any update on this feature, we would like to have a script where the SKU stock level is checked and if not in stock at our default location it is then moved to our 3PL location if in stock there.

Anyone from LW want to comment on this? I think it would be a pretty valuable addition

I would like this too for simply parking orders with 0 stock level

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