Reorder Low Stock funtionality in .Net

The Reorder Low Stock feature in Linnworks Desktop is very helpful for creating POs.

Can it be replicated in .Net?

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I think I'm going blind, which post states that we will be charged more, or a new tiered payment system is coming into place?

...except that the new BETA version of Open Orders has 'right clicked' disabled, and I can't see it in actions once an order is selected. I know it's available in the inventory, but this still means you have to be constantly looking and checking - there are no 'auto' features, and I can only select 'supplier code' as a filter, not supplier. The columns view doesn't allow any supplier selection.

As we have 10000's of products bought from many multiple suppliers, this list sorting by low stock amount is too time consuming. It would be far more useful if I could select a supplier. That would at least enable a proper order to be assembled quickly.

Hello Adam, you make very valid points there. I'll get your feedback over to the team overlooking the BETA. Thank you very much for taking the time for letting us know. 

Hi Adam, I just got word back from the developers working on the new Open Orders screen open BETA. The PO functionality is ready to be released on the next large update. 

Regarding sorting of suppliers that many have mentioned in this thread, we are aware of this and are looking for better ways on how to achieve this in Thank you all for your patience and valuable feedback!

The beta Open orders is really awfull compared with the other, we have ours set up so its easy to print in the order we require where as the new one seems very cluncky and not user friendly also on PO's the old desktop version of auto order to min level was great , when will this function be brought back ? At the moment we simply do a work round by using the query to Vlook up on downloaded sheets 

Looking forward to this feature :) any update :D

All the best,

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I would like to know a release date for the Reorder low stock .net feature? Its the only reason I still log into the desktop version now.  I also must stress the importance of improving the PO search like you have done in other areas of .net 

When searching by PO number or supplier reference number the date range should NOT be considered. It drives my staff crazy that Purchase orders don't show up unless they have the correct date. Im sure this will be sorted as you seem to improve the searches on each new feature you release. 

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