Reorder Low Stock funtionality in .Net

The Reorder Low Stock feature in Linnworks Desktop is very helpful for creating POs.

Can it be replicated in .Net?

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I would reiterate some of the comments Jacqui has made, it needs to be Bish Bash Bosh Job Done.

I see minimum level as the point at which you reorder stock. If you have an item which has a quantity 30 in the inventory you set a minimum level of 5 when the level hits 5 you know it is time to re-order, the only way to set the amount in your purchase order automatically is to set the supplier minimum order to say as an example 25 which would then bring the 5 back up to 30.

This is why I would argue the case that there needs to be a Target Quantity as well as a Minimum Level, you could then set the Target quantity to 35 and the purchase order system could say order items to meet the Target Quantities set.

This approach would allow the supplier minimum order quantity to be used as it should be. If in the event your minimum supplier order was 50 the amount between your level and the target quantity would be overridden by the minimum supplier quantity.

Thank you Paul for a good suggestion. Target quantity makes perfect sense. I will bring this up with the team. 

Great to see some useful updates on this over the past week or two. Is there any documentation on how JIT could be used and what benefits/differences it has over a product having a minimum level of 0?

Any update on filtering by supplier on the My Inventory screen?

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