Reorder Low Stock funtionality in .Net

The Reorder Low Stock feature in Linnworks Desktop is very helpful for creating POs.

Can it be replicated in .Net?

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Hi, Will this update of purchase orders enable us to delete and edit the PO once delivered?

Still nothing????????????

Ive paid for a custom Query which is basically the same thing as what you need and exports it via CSV. Would be perfect for you if use default suppliers, minimum levels as your ideal stock number and look at previous weeks sales in order to establish what you would like to re-order. Let me know

Hi Scott, could you tell us how much it was to get this developed? We are after exactly the same thing.

Hi, send me an email and ill explain about it

Is this ever going to be implemented? 

It's ridiculous that you're removing Desktop support before even moving the features over to .net.

Still nothing????? Why spend so much time and effort making screens look different (processed orders, and now open orders) when this basic functionality is lacking so much.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Linnworks is supposed to be a stock management system at heart -but we can't get something that alerts us or allows to Reorder if lowstock for well over a year now.

I think you are prioritising the wrong issues.

Hello Adam,

Both are important and both get attention by our developers. You are now able to create a PO right from your inventory or from open orders, you can make a view that filters all items that are low on stock, right click and select add to PO. This will automatically create a PO for the default supplier for all those items to optimal stock level. 

Best regards,
Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience.

Klaas, how exactly do you create a filter to view items low on stock (below Min Level)?

By creating a new view for example, and then using a filter that filters the items out that have less availability than your minimum stock level (which is 4 by default)

So you can't do it by the ACTUAL Minimum Level that is set for each product. In other words, completely useless unless you have the same Min Level for everything, and nothing like the functionality of the Desktop versions Reorder Low Stock...

It is absolutely terrible that this is not a feature. I mean it should be up there in the top 5 priorities. This filtering stuff is just not the tool we have been waiting for.

This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency within Linnworks.

@Rob Cunningham-Brown
@Craig McCormack

This is indeed basic functionality that allows for ways how to create purchase orders from more places in Linnworks. You can use/comission a script to identify specific script to find the items you want to order, or wait for the enhanced functionality such as reorder-point. Which will not only give you stock when it is below it's level, but will also predict when you are going to hit these lower levels.

Always a good one, pay or wait!! We also heard on the grapevine that even when this functionality becomes available, Linnworks will then be introducing a new structured payment! So IF and when it is available we will have to pay more for it! Classic Linnworks!!

@Will Harrison
The query I referred to is already pasted in this thread (very early). Forums like these are for sharing best practices and it is good to see that this also happens. You don't need to go to any grapvine but only a few tabs back to fetch it ;) . Hope that helps but let us know if you have more specific requirements and we can see if we can make adjustments for you.

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