Reorder Low Stock funtionality in .Net

The Reorder Low Stock feature in Linnworks Desktop is very helpful for creating POs.

Can it be replicated in .Net?

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Also just to add to this we will need the ability to be able to do a re stock based on a location. Currently even if you manage to use the desktop system your restricted to the default warehouse. Not much use if you have multiple warehouses. I agree with John this is basic functionality along with a more robust audit trail for stock and bins movements etc. not really rocket science basic functionality of any WMS.

I totally agree with everyone. Linnworks is pushing us all to move to the .net platform, but to me there is less functionality on the .net version!? That seems so backwards! We need a low order restock, and a stock take functionality now, it really is basic Linnworks, come on!



We already develop this functionality in and soon, this year,  it will be released.

Thank you for your patience!

Kind regards,


Technical Support

Soon, this year could be anytime up to 9 months.

Please give a better update on what is going on. This is an absolutely essential tool that you have missed on the service and one that is causing a lot of problems.

I have slightly tweaked Davids SQL for my needs and it might be useful for anyone else who is struggling with this short term. 



si.ItemNumber, si.ItemTitle, sLoc.Location, sl.MinimumLevel, sl.Quantity, sl.InOrderBook,'Available' = (sl.Quantity-sl.InOrderBook), sl.OnOrder, (sl.MinimumLevel) - (sl.Quantity+sl.InOrderBook+sl.OnOrder) as QtyToOrder, si.PurchasePrice, su.SupplierName




StockItem si


LEFT OUTER JOIN StockLevel sl on si.pkStockItemId = sl.fkStockItemId


LEFT OUTER JOIN StockLocation sLoc on sl.fkStockLocationid = sLoc.pkStockLocationId


LEFT OUTER JOIN ItemLocation il on il.fkStockItemId = si.pkStockItemID AND il.fkLocationId = sLoc.pkStockLocationId


LEFT OUTER JOIN ItemSupplier pp on si.pkStockItemId = pp.fkStockItemId


LEFT OUTER JOIN Supplier su on pp.fkSupplierId = su.pkSupplierID




si.bLogicalDelete = 0


sl.Quantity + sl.InOrderBook + sl.OnOrder <= sl.MinimumLevel


sl.MinimumLevel > 0





si.ItemNumber, sLoc.Location

Hope you find it useful.



Thanks Simon, this is very useful!


Glad it's helped Will

Any update on this? Our subscription time is about to come up and seriously considering a move as this is ridiculous that we are using a service without this feature?

Please advise.

Hi Craig,

I know this feature is now in our Quality Assurance department which is the final stage before new functionality is released.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Hello Mark.

Ok can you give me a decent timeline on this? Seriously need this feature now. Are you allowing beta testing?

Hi Craig,

I must first make an apology as I have misread some internal communications on the PO functionality that is currently ongoing.

The Reorder Low Stock aspect is still an ongoing development as there is a big effort to not just copy the old desktop methods with the limitations that it had, but to rather provide an opportunity to extend this with advanced features such as Stock Forecasting, reorder points, payment summary, multiple currency on the PO etc.

The PO updates that are in the final phase of development will cover features such as

  • logging additional costs and Payment Statement to enable the user to track correct landing unit value
  • email functionality including PDF and CSV attachments
  • printing functionality
  • importing via copy / paste

With the importing option you will be able to use the data similar to that generated by the SQL reports earlier in this thread to copy data from an Excel spreadsheet and paste into the Purchase Order.

I know that this does mean a 2 stage process, but with the use of an automated export the file can be waiting for you open from a drop box location and review prior to pasting into the new PO.

This will not be a BETA, put a release for all clients to use immediately

Once we have an ETA we will let people know



Ok so to be clear, the above-mentioned post from an earlier member of Linnworks is not correct? We are paying thousands of pounds a year for an order and inventory management system that does not have a low stock alert or ordering system. Even if the low stock alerts in the primary dashboard could be exported it would be something but we have nothing.

We only came on board to use .net and have never used desktop so we are using a partially completed service here.

Very disappointing.

Hi Craig,

Yes, I can confirm that I made a mistake with my previous reply. I am not trying to hide that fact.

Linnworks does currently have purchase order functionality and it is just the low stock piece that has not yet been migrated to the environment.

Therefore I can confirm you are able to make Purchase Orders for your suppliers from within Linnworks and print them.

With a report generated from SQL similar to the one previously shared in this thread it is possible to have an automated export that provides you with the data is required in a csv format.

If you have not seen the previous posting on the SQL I have attached my own version of this which you are free to use.

At the moment this would need you to manually add items to the Linnworks Purchase Order, but with the upcoming updates I have already described it will be possible to copy / paste this csv data into a Linnworks PO.



Will the new update allow us to put items from a delivered purchase order into stock? At present when a purchase order is changed to "Delivered" the items are not automatically added to stock, the stock levels have to be updated manually.


Hi David,

As far as I am aware there are no plans for you to be able change the amount of items delivered after you have updated the status of the PO to Delivered.

There is already the option to click the "Deliver All" button prior to updating the PO status to delivered which will update all items in the PO as delivered

If a PO is only partially delivered then you need to mark just the individual items as delivered via the "Deliver Item" button.

It is also possible to deliver items from a PO using the Stock In screen which I believe will automatically update the status of the PO to Delivered once all items are booked in.

Could you confirm the logic behind why you are updating the status of a PO to delivered without delivering the items?



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