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PACKAGING weight to be sent to BigCommerce/eBay/etc so customer is properly billed shipping

Currently ITEM weight is being sent to BigCommerce, eBay, and probably all other channels.

If they calculate shipping weight you are estimating and charging customers the WRONG amount...  

Linnworks has the default packaging, so they can predict weight quite accurately!    Because of this discrepency we have to either hack the numbers all up or pay lots of money for other tools on  BigCommerce to get around it.

Linnworks should allow control PER ITEM or some sort of override of theweight so that SHIPPING weight gets sent to the channel -there is currently no way around this even as an extended property!  We should at least have an override extended property on the item weight to put our own manually generated weight to go to the channels.



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with an Inventory item you can define the Packaging group and then when an order is created the Packaging Type is taken into account to calculate the packaging weight

Dependent on your final order the actual packaging type can change as an item can contain multiple items

With this is mind there are currently no plans to update the listing integrations to support sending of packaging weight or an alternative value from an extended property at time of listing creation.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

I understand you guys can CALCULATE shipping weight on existing orders and ultimately print accurate postage on an order; we use this functionality daily.

HOWEVER what you aren't addressing (and I don't understand why I seem to be the only one that sees it this way) is if only the ITEM weight is sent to a channel that calculates WEIGHT-BASED SHIPPING CHARGES THAT WILL BE CHARGED TO THE CUSTOMER ie BigCommerce, eBay, etc, it should be sending SOMETHING OTHER THAN ITEM WEIGHT as we are therefor shorting ourselves postage charges all the time as their tools has NO IDEA what the packaging weights are that linnworks already knows about.  We should at least be able to override the item weight with a fixed weight we calculate to address this, don't you agree?

Please explain how I'm wrong here, I'd love to see it from your perspective.



If your item is only ever ordered as a single package then in theory it might be possible to submit the weight for the package type that item fits in.

However, the item could easily be purchased either as a multiple or along with other items and the sum of the package weight for each individual item will most likely not be the same as if the items were placed into a single box.

Also dependent on the Auto Assignment Method for package assignment method you have defined the package group / type defined at item level may not be used at order level. 

Therefore, there is a high risk that submitting the package weight to the sales channel during listing would be incorrect.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Mark you're 100% right it's not perfect if they order more than 1 items, but you're still identifying further we would be EVEN LESS MONEY brought in that case if we can't tell the weight-based shipping calculator at BigCommerce and eBay what the shipping weight of the item is.

I need one thing answered please - is my concern not an actual problem that needs remedied for ANYONE using BC or eBay weight-calculated shipping?   we ALL are being shorted badly on shipping charges if we only charge the customer ITEM WEIGHT and not some other weight closer to a shipping weight, even if it's not 100% accurate.

OR, DO YOU HAVE A BEST PRACTICE SOLUTION to prevent us from being short-changed so badly at the time of the sale on BC/eBay regarding inaccurate shipping charges as a result of this problem?


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