Email Notification Template (Linnworks.Net) - Order Confirmation

Hi Guys,

We would like to be able to send an 'Order Confirmation' email out for all new orders received, filtered by source or sub source.

This will allow us to promptly communicate with our buyers/customers to confirm their delivery address, giving them time to contact us should the address information be incorrect. As sellers will be aware many customers pay via PayPal but forget to change their shipping address information when they more house. We would like to include order details at the same time, this will  ensure customer's are clear what they have ordered, where it will be delivered and how to promptly contact us (the seller) should an error occur.

We see this is a fundamental requirement for order fulfilment across all sales channels. It also allows us to send any order specific custom information to a customer before an order is processed, allowing the customer a window of time to resolve any errors with the seller.

Kind Regards

John Powell

eCommerce Manager

Winning Moves UK Ltd

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Hi John,

we have plans during 2018 to look at working on a Customer Service module which is where this kind of functionality would be addressed.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Has this been completed yet? We also want to be able to do this but it's now 2019 and no sign of this functionality

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