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Order Number OR Channel Reference Number to ShipStation

New order notifications from a channel are sent from that channel for my company.  New Amazon order notifications are sent by Amazon, my WooCommerce store sends new order notifications.  That channel generates and sends an order number (Channel Reference Number).

When using ShipStation for order processing/shipping, only the Linnworks Order Number is exported to ShipStation, making shipping managers and customer service reps blind to the Channel Reference Number.  More importantly, it creates some confusion for customers because they now are getting two different invoice numbers, the one created by the channel and the one created by Linnworks.

It would be nice to a) let users decide if they want Linnworks to create INV numbers or use the channels INV number (You could get around duplicate invoice number issues by either enforcing a INV # prefix or suffix) or b) Push the Channel Reference Number to ShipStation as a Custom Field.

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we will look at adding this as an option within the ShipStation settings

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd


Has there been any development on this idea as of yet?


the requirement has been added to the development queue to implement this enhancement to the Shipstation integration.

At the moment I do not have an ETA for you on the release date



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