You have reached the limit of 50 items available on the Linnworks Community plan.

The top of the screen says - You have reached the limit of 50 items available on the Linnworks Community plan.

but the bottom says, Linked 38. I'm confused.

Hi Ben,

It sounds like you're on our 'Community' plan given you have that inventory limitation. You should find that if you go to Inventory > My Inventory, the total number of items mentioned at the bottom of the screen is 50. This is the total number of products you've actually got setup in your Linnworks account.

If you're taking a look at a screen and it says 'Linked - 38' at the bottom instead, you're probably in your 'mapping' screen. This shows you the number of listings which are linked to items in Linnworks, rather than your number of inventory items total.

For more information on inventory and linking, take a look at the following links;

Hopefully this helps!


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