Order export - GBP to EUR


I think it would be nice to export our orders and have them in local currency. Our main currency is EUR.

When we get orders in GBP we need to manually or through expression calculate them to EUR so we can load them in our system.

This bothersome as we need to change the expression each time the exchange rate changes.

In linnworks there already is the Exchange rate, i can see it in screen "Order Dashboard". This is already kept up to date. It would be nice to use this exchange rate to convert our GBP orders to EUR. And the other way around.



towards the end of the year we are planning on allowing the system to record the exchange rate at time of order download so that it is permanently retained with the order and once this is in place we will be able to look at providing export functionality to include the order values in your base currency rather than the order currency.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

+1 for this functionality! Would be so useful to get the value of each order, the exchange rate at the time of that order (as updated by Rigidas's Currency Tracker, or such like) and export all those values.

I'm holding my breath now... 



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