Desktop to .Net

Hello All,

Currently we are Desktop users and have been for many years. I've always been one to stick with what I know do been reluctant to change but after a conversation with one of the sales guys I am considering moving across. He mentioned that although Desktop will be supported going forward there will be no new developments for it.

I thought I would look at how order processing works today and have come up against an issue that I can see. Currently we use Dispatch Console on Desktop which works very well. Virtually all of our orders are packed differently with different weights, some are the same but most are different each time. For this reason we only have the weights inputted on some items. For the rest when we process the order on Dispatch Console we simply weigh the parcel and input the weight into the relevant box and print label, takes about 5 secs to complete that task. Looking at the .Net way of doing things it doesnt appear that straight forward... You have to click an edit but, put in the weight AND size of packaging, click save and then click print label... Is that really the only way of doing this as it seems a lot more work involved, particularly having to provide the measurements for each parcel that we have never had to provide nor do Royal Mail require.

Any help and advice would be gratefully received.




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