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Good Afternoon all,

We have been advised that is the future after many years of using Desktop without any major issue.

I have decided to look at a phased changeover to make sure all parts of .Net function as we need it to and have come up against my first problem with Despatch Console. Currently on Desktop we put and order ID in then put the weight of the parcel in the appropriate box and then print our Royal Mail label and process the order. All in all it takes about 10 seconds if that.

On the Despatch Console on .Net it appears as though you have to click the edit button on the order and then fill in both the Weight and the Dimensions of the parcel before you can print a label. I obviously understand the requirement for weight but putting in dimensions for every order will take ages. Without these steps currently we cannot print a label. Is there any way around this?





Thank  you for  raising this question.

Please be  informed  that we are of this  issue and have created  a  Development  card for this so this should be fixed at some point  of time. However, I am afraid we do not  have  an ETA.  However,  please be advised that  it is always best to  have weight assigned to all stock items beforehand so that there would be no  need  to  edit orders weights manually. You can use Inventory  Import to populate your item with weight in bulk.

At the moment the work around the issue is go to > Shipping > Packaging Group > click on button under 'Packaging Type' for 'Default' group > insert dimensions of Default Packaging > Save. Once you have dimension saved and try to process order with Default Packaging, the dimensions will be picked up automatically and it will be enough to just enter weight for Save button to be activated. You  can also  add dimensions to other Packaging types if you want so  that  orders would have dimensions assigned in  case  order come with some other packaging rather  than just Default.

I hope this was helpful.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

Linn Systems Ltd

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