Bin Rack Location Showed on Purchase Order Screen and Stock In by Supplier Code

Personally I am trying to move over from having a stock room order by sku numbers to one that uses bin rack locations.

A lot of my products come without any barcodes on and I fail to see an easy way to input the stock from the stock in feature as this requires a barcode to be scanned or to manually search for every title by either sku code or title etc. However when the item is found it does at least show the bin rack location of where to put the stock.

Currently because I currently rely on sku coded to locate my stock the purchase order screen is sufficient, however if I wanted to the order warehouse via bin rack location, i don't see how from the purchase order screen i could work out what the bin rack location is for each product. (Multiple bin rack locations is useful people but not if they have no way of displaying where the stock should go.

To summarise I think you should be able to search the stock in feature via a supplier code. (as this is what usually gets displayed on a delivery note from a supplier) Also I think the bin rack location should be displayed on the purchase order.

As a simple test I challenge anyone with a product without a barcode to put it in the correct bin rack on a purchase order.

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Hi Paul,

we are currently in a development cycle for improvements / updates to the Purchase Ordering system for, I have raised both of these points with the developer who is working on these updates so they are aware of the requirements and will be able to consider an appropriate way to deliver this information via the purchase order screen. This may be in the form of a pop up rather than trying to cram more detail onto the existing screen.

As you are already aware if you use the Stock In screen to book individual stock items this already gives you the Bin Rack location along with the ability to mark the item as delivered on the Purchase Order

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

A stock in by supplier code search would be a good compromise and thanks for passing the points forward.

Hi Paul,

I have just made a test on the Stock In screen in with my own account where I had a Purchase Order for an item with a Supplier code.

When I typed in my supplier code and hit enter the correct Linnworks item was returned and the Purchase Order was also found automatically for me.

This also works if you do not have a Purchase Order for an item.

If you use the Manual Search option this only searches on the Linnworks SKU as this is working as a Partial Match search and opening this up to include Supplied Codes may result in a slower search.

So if your supplier codes are unique, then the Exact Match Search will work for you in the Stock In Screen

Only potential concerns I can think of are as follows

1. If you have a supplier SKU on an item that matches the LW SKU for a different item, I expect the LW SKU will be returned

2. If you have the same supplier SKU on multiple items I expect it to either return the first match or none at all

I have not tested either of these scenarios



It does indeed thank you, I couldn't get it to work before, maybe i was trying it on an item that wasn't in a purchase order to begin with.

If possible it would be handy to have the option to display the bin rack column in the purchase order screen, as this is my personal preferred method of putting stock into the system.

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