Multiple issues


I'm new to Linnworks and we're considering using it for our inventory system. I've been attempting to import some of our stock as a test but as things aren't explained too well I've tried multiple times to import our stock without success. Now when I attempt to import Linnworks throws an error about already having 50 SKUs but I deleted all the stock that was incorrectly imported.

Second issue is that your support ticket system doesn't work, the area is blank and the button only flashes up momentarily and disappears before I can click it in time.

Thirdly, your live chat doesn't work properly either. Clicking it just refreshes the page and I'm unable to get in to live chat. Your website and software seem to be pretty buggy which annoyingly knocks my confidence with using your software and is really frustrating when I'm in the middle of trying to figure it out.

Hi Henley,

I have created 2 tickets on your behalf regarding the issues you are experiencing. We will address them as soon as possible. 

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