Enduring Selection of orders

We noticed that while we process our orders, the highlighted orders get deselected after you print labels or invoices, so we have to select them again to make the next batch operation.

In example, if we have 100 open orders and we want to process them by printing an invoice, a label, and archiving them, we need to select all the 100 orders one first time, then print the invoices, after that the orders would be deselected by linnworks, so we need to select them AGAIN and print the labels. At this point the orders will be deselected the third time an we would need again to select all of the 100 orders to finally archive them.

There are two solutions to this problem

1) make the selection be permanent even after printing the labels and invoices

2) Modify the "Batch Order Processing" so it will create labels and invoices before sending the "shipped" status to the selling channels.


Ma Sports

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