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Purchase Price to be displayed in the Open Orders screen

Hi every one...

It would be great to have purchase price in open screen tab, as the guy who is printing should know The cost price so they can send some items recorded instead a normal service.

The reason for this as at the moment we are having huge amount of complaints from buyers '' item not received'' , '' cases opened in resolution center'' ,        '' Refunds'' etc etc...

If the guy knows that we can afford to send the item recorded instead sending it normal delivery why not spend a pound extra to save 10-15 pounds...Some times people buy the item twice and its not worth sending recorded but if cost price is there it will help the guy to think change shipping service rather to risk the whole amount paid.....

I know some people will oppose this idea or they may be thinking why should we tell our employees the purchased price...Its business secret...Engine rules are there set them up per sku...etc etc....but there is a solution to it i think (it may not be as good, will appreciate your comments)... Set a figure and add that to your original purchase the ORIGINAL COST is 1.99 set a figure of 0.80 pence....this should be added to every single should not be changed to avoid any you know at the end of month the sale is £ 50,000 now minus 0.80 x per item....this way your employees will never know the ORIGINAL COST PRICE...

Regarding engine cannot set engine rules for any sku...or in other words...depending on situation engine rules differs....

Kind Regards


this is not a feature that we would look at implementing in the Open Orders screen for the following reasons

  • The Open Orders screen would need to link back to the Stock Item table and possibly other tables in the database therefore adding extra loading times for the page as it needs to drill down further through your account to retrieve the required information
  • It would be very difficult to define which purchase price to display as what is valid for one user would not be valid for another. For example the purchase price could be retrieved from the following places : Stock Item General tab / Default Supplier for the item / Cheapest Supplier for the item / Most recent purchase order /  Current average stock value / Batched stock items can have different stock values based on when they are booked in and batching is only assigned when printing take places making it impossible to show a purchase price from the start
  • Composite parents do not have a purchase price as you only buy in the child items and not the bundled product
  • Would you display the purchase price for a single item or for the quantity of items purchased? 
  • Shipping tends to be based on things like the service selected at checkout, destination, order total weight, order total value, fragile items, etc. Can I cut into my profit for this particular order seems an unusual method on deciding to swap to a recorded service.  


If you are getting complaints such as "Item not received" then it sounds more like you would benefit from looking further into your courier and the actual services you are choosing across the board to ensure that you are able to provide a good service across the whole of your customer base. You are getting complaints because of services you are using (i.e. not your own internal systems), so it would seem prudent to look at these services and decide the best approach going forwards to streamline the process rather than asking your despatch team to be making "Gut" decisions as they process your orders.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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