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Suggest Subsource on all fields that request it

For some reason we cannot give a friendly name to Amazon integrations on Linnworks so we are lumbered with a 14 digit unmemorable code.

Sometimes in Linnworks when we have to enter the Source and Sub-source, the sub-source is suggested to us based on the Source and we merely need to click it to select.

Other times such as creating an import we do not get this aid and have to type it all in. Meaning we have to back out of what we're doing go somewhere else in Linnworks when we know this code exists so we can copy it before going back and starting what we were doing before and paste is in.

So, my suggestion is that Linnworks has come consistency over this and every field where a sub-source is required, we can choose from a dropdown.

Hi Jack,

The 14 digit unmemorable code you are referring to would have been chosen and entered into Linnworks by the user that integrated Amazon. 

I can not say why this name was chosen for your Amazon subsource, but at time of integrating an Amazon account the SubSource name is entirely configurable.

We do not allow changing of the SubSource name after integration as this will have further knock affects for orders that have already been downloaded into the system

On the point of making fields such as SubSource pre-populated for drop down lists, we have implemented this on a priority basis.

If the field is one that you would access many times then the development time has been taken to allow the drop down to find the relevant data and pre-populate the list. However, for features such as setting up a new Data Import that are not accessed on a regular basis the decision has been made to use the developers resources elsewhere in the system to add or improve functionality that is used on a more constant basis.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

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