When you are sorting PO,s by a column header (I sort by supplier ref) it very annoyingly sorts each page of PO's individually. This is where desktop is way ahead. ALL PO's are on 1 scroll down page so you can sort & all are shown in order. Our Supplier reference starts with a code that identifies our individual customers so seeing them all together is so much quicker than going through page after page of PO's. Please can this get changed to one scroll down page.

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Hi Anthony,

we are currently in the middle of working on updates to the Purchase Order and supply chain management functionality within and will consider what can be done to allow sorting to be applied to multiple pages rather than just the active page.

Don't forget that you can limit the data that is returned to you by using the search functionality.

For example if you enter S38 into the search box for Reference only Purchase Orders that have S38 within the Supplier Reference will be returned and displayed

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Is there any news on when this will be changed in The new purchase order screen has many improvements over the desktop version, however, it is close to unusable at the moment due to the difficulty in finding and filtering specific purchase orders.

There isn't an easy way (or any way as far as we can tell) to show all purchase orders that were delivered today, which should be a simple task.

Please please fix the sorting so it affects all pages before the next massive purchase order update, which could be months away...

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