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some way to edit invoice info after processing when customer wants to add information

I get many requests from customers to add information to invoices after they receive the product, they want to add a company name or VAT details (spain especially) etc etc.

Is it possible to allow editing of the invoice after the order has been processed?

At the moment I have to create a new invoice in excel which is very time consuming

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I've now got hold of Adobe Acrobat Pro which allows editing of PDFs, this is an acceptable workaround

Hi Craig,

we are not planning to implement the ability to edit an order after it has been processed as this opens up the opportunity for unscrupulous sellers to do some creative accounting. Allowing user to change details such as delivery or billing address on an order after it has been despatched is the start of a slippery slope that we do not want to go down, as the next request will be can I change the items or values on the order.

We are currently at the very early stages of putting together the functional and technical specifications for implementing CRM functionality within Linnworks that would provide a Contact List where an individual Customer Profile will be able to have multiple addresses. Therefore, once this is available we will have the opportunity to allow you to print invoices etc using one of the alternative addresses linked to the contact.

For now, apart from editing in Adobe Acrobat Pro you could create a resend in Linnworks from the Processed Order which will create a new Open Order. With the new open order you can edit the address, print the invoice and then either delete or cancel the resend order so that stock levels are not affected.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

This is possible if you add to your template order notes then right click the order and click add note. Then just re print the invoice.

HAHAHA People that are adamant to dodge taxes always seem to find a way. GO TO JAIL! DO NOT PASS GO! DO NOT COLLECT £200

"we are not planning to implement the ability to edit an order after it has been processed as this opens up the opportunity for unscrupulous sellers to do some creative accounting."

In the vast majority of cases we just need to add their VAT number. So surely this would be acceptable.


Regarding invoices, you can create and edit invoice templates as you like in Template Designer and for both open and processed orders you can print specific invoices for any order.

To do this you could for example create a copy of your invoice template in Template Designer. If that copy has printing conditions, you would then remove those printing conditions. On the template itself add the VAT number with a new 'Labels and Variables' element, to be safer you could even use an IF condition to only show the VAT number if the order is for a specific customer, e.g. 

EVAL{BEGIN}IIF[[{ChannelBuyerName}]="Name of Customer","VAT number",""]{END}

Otherwise you could simply enter the VAT number on this template and either edit the template to remove this element or delete the entire template after you are done. Likewise for any other information you might want to change. To print an invoice (which needs to not have printing conditions, if the order is still open) right click on an order and go to Action - Reprint Specific Invoice - Name of your invoice.


Technical Support


Using another template to print a invoice will not let you adjust the tax amount as some cases seller need to provide 0% VAT invoices to EU customer when they asked after sales. In this situation I prefer to have editable proccessed orders system. If the seller want to edit proccessed orders for tax frauds, it's tax related departments job to go after them, as seller is the responsible for the tax, not linnworks.

Any advice from support team ??



I agree you should be able to edit the vat rate as we sell in to Europe to business and at point of order dont supply there vat number but when they do we have to refund the vat and create a external invoice 

Linnworks is not accounting software, we have this option on another system where you can do correction invoice, and change all information.

Easiest option is just to buy a PDF editor and just edit it manually.

This really should be possible within linnworks itself.

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