2d oba manually

Is it possible to print 2d barcodes but still manually submit the Sales order via OBA. We currently manually sort the mail into large letter and packet as its quite hard to do it automaically as we have many multipack orders and we pack but hold ( 2nd class) mail back every Tuesday and Thursday to increase volumes and get more volume related discounts. 

From what i can tell, we have to have weights for our products, which again i dont see how as we have over 5000 products and my company is based within a distributor so i have no access to goods in. ( we pick directly from their warehouse in way of a daily sales order)  :(

we still need to submit first class mail on the days we do not give royal mail any mailings but from what i can tell, with integration, i cant hold mail back.

Any advice else i wont be able to use 2D :(

I dont see how you guys all do it, we do over 4000 parcels a day on a monday and all this would really slow us down.


Manifests should be submitted daily (except weekends and bank holidays) if labels are printed via Linnworks. There's a 24h timer, that blocks the integration in case previous manifest haven't been filed.

Ideally, you would need to add weights to all your Linnworks SKUs, to get the correct data passed to Royal Mail. However, if you are fine using a fixed value as default weight, you can use packaging weight, which is always added to order total weight. Packaging weight can be set in Shipping > Packaging Groups

If you need, to exclude some packages from your current manifest, there's a 'Defer' option next to each consignment on the Manifest screen:


'Defer' option excludes the consignment from current manifest and will automatically include it to the next one.

How would the defer work? would they have to select manually for each parcel?

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