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Locked orders. Add an release/unlock date.

It would be extremely useful for a locked open order to unlock at a specific date. 

esellerpro/volo has had this for years and we used it often if a customer wanted their delivery delayed or if it was a Saturday delivery that needed holding until the Friday for despatch.

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Thank you for proposing this idea.

At the moment unfortunately we do not have this feature.

However, our development team is constantly monitoring feature request topics and makes decisions based on the interest of other users in it's development.

Kind regards,


Hi Jack,

this request has been reviewed and we can confirm we have no plans to adjust the architecture of the system that would allow an order to automatically unlock when a specific date has been reached.

We would suggest that if this functionality that is important to your business you look into using a application where you would be able to define your own custom rules and implement the appropriate logic.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

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