We have recently updated 3 of our websites to Magento

After the update Linnworks will no longer connect to the sites and we get the following error when clicking the 'test' button under Magento Config in Linnworks desktop version:

'Failed to establish connection to 'DOMAIN NAME REMOVED' error The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.'

All our other Magento sites that are running older versions appear to be working fine.

Please advise a fix ASAP

Thanks for reaching out!


We will address this via the existing ticket. 

Here is the reply from LW...

Unfortunately, because you have now changed your website sacrifices to TLS 1.2 old autosync that was used for your Magento channel will not be working.

We would need to transfer you to our new sync method - Event dispatcher.

The event dispatcher is a new method of sync that will improve overall order download performance and order dispatch submission but there are also disadvantages present.

It will not be possible to manually sync Magento orders. This will always be done automatically.

You won't be able to use Multistore function (As far as I can see you don't use this function).

If you would like to proceed, please send me a message nad I will forward this to our developers for migration.

I need to know if I will still be able to use the old sync method for our domains running older versions of Magento? Or will the new method also work on older versions of magento?

Waiting for ticket update, currently having to add orders to LW manually, not good!

Hello there,

The new sync applies to Magento as a source, not to separate channels I'm afraid. So if you have been migrated to a new Magento sync, this is applies to all of your Magento channels. 



After migration to event sync we are seeing multiple issues across different Magento versions, 3 different versions of Magento across 6 websites are now not connecting to LW. They were all connecting fine on the old system except for the versions running that were updated and failed to connect after update. All SOAP settings 100% correct. Please update the ticket ASAP.  

So now I am trying to use the re-integration wizard as you have suggested but this simply does not work, as soon as you enter the url you get an error saying 'An account with this name is already integrated'.

Reply ticket ASAP.

Your telling me that our sites have XML errors even though they worked perfectly with your old set up and my Magento dev has gone through our installs and confirm everything is perfect so I really cant understand how 4 out of 6 Magento installs are now not working with your 'Event-dispatcher'.

You have told us to use the re-integration wizard but that also DOES NOT WORK! I just get an error telling me that there is already an account with that name, screenshots provided in the ticket.

Painfully slow and clueless support from Linnworks as usual, 4 days into this now.

Anyone considering using Event Dispatcher should read this first!

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