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We sell 6 products in Linnworks. Some automatically via Amazon/Woocommerce and others we log onto the system with a date to be processed.

We would like to see the sales by product for a given month, e.g. product X sales in March 1200 units. We would like this "sales" to be the date that the order was processed and sent to the customer.

How can we get this report?

Essentially, "processed orders by product by date"


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You can check the Stock Consumption dashboard to see the sales for a specific item in the given period of time. "Stock sold between dates" report in Query Data will give you all items sold in that period, there is also "Stock item sold Pivoted Monthly" report which displays sold quantity, sold value and stock value (at the time of sale) in a pivoted table. You can also order a custom report from our end which will display that data which you need it to, but that is a chargeable work.

Is the a way I can see them all in one go?
e.g. not having to run reports for each product line? I can get the total processed sales by product?



As advised by my colleague, if you would need a custom report where all of the above ones would be put together or other information included as well, you could request a custom script from our developers. There are Terms and Conditions that you would need to accept first:

Alternatively, you can run separate reports and then use formulas within the .csv file to put the information together, or, you could have a look at the following two links: and as they contain examples of scripts frequently used by our customers. If you know SQL, you can then put together the customer report and use it in the Query data - Custom report tab.

Hope this information helps.

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