Not Paid Ebay Orders


I have customers who purchase items on Ebay but do not finish checkout (pay).
These orders are then left in the NOT PAID status in my Linnworks.
This is affecting my stock count as i have stock that is not available for sale  ( in Open orders) and the buyer has no intention to pay for the item.

Is there any way to automate cancelling these orders after a specific length of time so the stock is removed from Open Orders?
If not is there a simpler way to deal with this issue?

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There is no way to automate cancelling orders after a specific length of time, unless perhaps done with a custom script, which is a chargeable service. However cancelling an order in Linnworks will not cancel the order on eBay due to limitations on how we can integrate with selling channels. Unfortunately you will simply need to keep an eye open for these sorts of orders. As a precaution you can enable the option "Only Process Paid Orders" in Settings - General Settings - Order Settings (on or in Order Book - Open Orders - Order Book Settings (in Linnworks Desktop).

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Joonas Roosalu

Technical Support

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