Allow [Dropbox} for image URLS in ALL imports not just scheduled

I cannot think for the life of me why importing images from dropbox using the method [Dropbox]/Linnworks/Images/Image1.jpg is restricted to scheduled imports only.

Can this be extended please to non scheduled imports too as it is SO useful.

I know a work around would be to have a one off scheduled import but it means working out the time (in GMT not local !) and potentially having to wait 5 minutes for the next time slot. 

Hello Jack,

With a scheduled import, you can actually omit the schedule completely. Meaning you don't have to work out the timing and can simply leave it blank. You can click 'Save' on the import after you have done the column mapping, then in the list of imports, enable it and click 'Run Now'. Without a schedule, you can run the import you've created at any time. This is also described here in the documentation

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Technical Support

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