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I am using Amazon FBA to fulfill my woocommerce site. One product has no  inventory at Amazon, but the site shows inventory (11). This is a very serious issue. How to fix ?

Hello there,

Could you please provide us with the SKU example for the item having the issue?



For safety, I manually set the volume to zero and it appears to have remained there.

So, it might be a bit difficult to identify the problem now ?

The other SKUs seem OK. What could cause only one to go off ?

Thanks for the support.

Hello there,

Ordered a report for your Amazon account to see the FBA levels, but was not able to find that specific SKU there. The report we are using is "_GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_BY_COUNTRY_", the last one I checked, which was ordered today did not have any SKUs starting with "DP" on FBA inventory - could you please double check this on your seller central?

I checked. It's there. No inventory.

You can see it in Linnworks. Linnworks pulled it from Amazon.

It's the default SKU Amazon provided when I joined the listing.

Thanks for your support.

Hello there,

Looking at the general "_GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA_" report I can find that SKU, but the " _GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_BY_COUNTRY_" report which we are using is missing that SKU for some reason. And that is the report which we will be using to populate the levels. Amazon should include that SKU in the above report as well. Could you please get in touch with them from your account and ask them to check the " _GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_BY_COUNTRY_" reports for your account to see why that specific SKU is being missed from it? Once Amazon will supply it there - we will be able to get the levels for that item.

I'll put in a request.

Thanks for the support.

I got this from AZ support - 

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,
I understand you are trying to get information on SKU "DP-R3CE-874J-" from your _GET_AFN_INVENTORY_DATA_BY_COUNTRY_, but it is missing.

I have checked your most recent requests for this report and I did also confirm this SKU was missing, but I took out the - at the end and I was able to find it. I wasn't able to confirm you ever created a SKU specifically called "DP-R3CE-874J-", so this may be the issue.

Please check your report again to verify if it is missing. I have also attached the report I checked to this email so you can take a look for yourself.

So, I made a small typo, but it seems like everything on their side is OK.

Hello again,

I have just double checked the report and the SKUs are now matching - the level in the FBA location is also correct and is '1' at the moment as per the latest report. Please check from your end and let me know if you see anything out of hand there.

seems OK.


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