Purchase Orders Unit Cost Price Not Updating (Linnworks.net)

We are relatively new customers to Linnworks only using Linnworks.net.

Our purchase orders are not showing our supplier purchase pricing and keeps wanting to set everything to £1.

We can change the price but it does not save nor can we print out correctly. 

This is making the purchase order facility redundant for us. 

Any one else have this problem? Any suggested work around? Appreciate any help community can offer. 

Hello there,

The PO screen in the Net is under a minor restructure at the moment and is having some issues. I will create a ticket for you to keep you updated on this - meanwhile please raise any POs in the Desktop version. Please take the whole process through the desktop as opening the PO in the Net will still give you calculation issues. Here is documentation on PO for the desktop would you need it. Please take our apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your response. Note we are customers of Linnworks.net and as mostly Mac users in our office. We did not get Linnworks on the Desktop version and few of us have a PC and none of the buying staff have a PC. Please let us know when the Linnworks.net version will be fixed as we are not able to us the PO functions properly and is setting business back.


I have raised the ticket #1133762 on your account, it is linked to that development card about the PO functionality and we will keep you updated on that fix in the ticket. If there is no option to use a PC on your end - maybe you could consider using a virtual machine meanwhile? The process of installing it and running LW application on Mac can be seen here.

We are also having a problem with purchase orders in the web version.

If we update a price for an item, when we click save then the price is changed back.

Hello Stuart,

I will raise a support ticket for your account to keep you updated on that problem.

We are new customers experiencing this issue in the Desktop app.
We are using the Desktop app for the additional functionality methods yet to migrate to .Net.
Purchase price is correct in My Inventory.
Please advise, thank you.


Hello MJ,

You've already raised a ticket for this issue, so one of our agents will assist you further through there.

We are having this issue of purchase price being £1 on .net. I am hoping it's been fixed after 3 years?? Can I have an update please?

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