Speed up filing royal mail manifests

We've noticed that this can take up to 25 minutes to do, particularly between 4-5pm which is I've told because it's a busy time so we end up in a que. 25 minutes is no good to us because our Royal Mail collection driver needs the manifest printed out which can't be done until it's filed. We we stopped packing orders 25 minutes earlier, I would just be wasting 25 minutes worth of time that could be spent packing more orders. 

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There has been a few issues with Royal Mail web services recently which seems to have now been resolved, unfortunately these issues have been outside of our control but this has meant that the manifesting process has taken longer due to our services not being able to access OBA back-end.

Customers file their manifest, the manifest is put into a queue of pending manifests to be filed to Royal Mail services. if the OBA services are offline it will hold the jobs until the services become available so that we can provide the sales order and manifest documentation to you for the collection. Part of this process is getting the sales order information back from their services which is used within the documentation if we cant get this then we are unable to provide the documentation.


Currently if OBA services are down you cant login to OBA via their website and also our system can not contact it to pass the manifest data, so whether your using our system or directly via OBA you still wont be able to file the manifest unless you use the emergency manifesting tools provided by Royal Mail but we are also aware that this can be unstable.


To resolve these issues we are currently in the process of working with Royal Mail to develop a solution so that our customers are able to print manifests to allow their mail to be collected. 


We will let you know once this becomes available in the next coming months.

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